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Professional Field Call Services
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Field calls are an effective means for assessing an individual’s circumstances and financial position. They also provide valuable insights and information regarding the location of debtors and assets.

Choice Mercantile’s professional field agents can assist in gaining an accurate representation of a person’s circumstances. This allows you to make informed financial decisions using all the information available.

From location queries to assessment of assets and motor vehicle third party enquiries, we do it all. We are Brisbane based and provide professional service Australia-wide.

To find out more about Choice Mercantile’s field call service, please contact us.

Need an Agent in the Field?

Choice Mercantile provides a comprehensive range of services

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Comprehensive Services

We provide services including but not limited to:

  • Location enquiries, including confirming the debtor is still at the last known address
  • Assessment of assets and financial position
  • Credit card recoveries
  • Motor vehicle 3rd party enquiries
  • Demand for payment
  • Photographs
  • Statement signing


Our agents adhere to all current legislation and abide by the Institute of Mercantile Agents prescribed Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.


Our field call services can deliver multiple benefits to your business.

As well as resulting in the direct collection of the debt or negotiation of payment, we can also create an opportunity to ascertain a debtor’s capacity to pay, a perception of their attitude toward the debt, and gather insight into any available assets.

We can also provide critical information to assist in the legal process.

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